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.:: 2004 means D-A-L-I i.i.i.i...oO)

(22-01-2004 @ 22:27:41)

Salvador Dalí was the most important spanish painter on surrealism.

He made up a museum, supported by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, which was made by him and Gala (his wife) during life. Now he's dead, but his work lives into the museum, at his own house, or at the castle he had for his wife. I've visited the museum and the village where he lived (Cadaqués), and some discos and pubs that he designed, and where he used to stay sometimes.

You can see almost all of his work at the online gallery, or simply checking google or looking around the wwww.

Anyway, this year is meant to be the SALVAOR DALI one...

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.:: New section: Guestbook

(22-01-2004 @ 08:52:01)

I've added a guestbook where anyone can say something. If you like this website, or you think it's horrible... or if you have any question or suggestions, you can now use this resource :-)

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.:: About Murphy...

(20-01-2004 @ 20:39:46)

- Have you ever thought everything around you is going wrong?

- Did you remember then the well known Murphy's Law?

Everytime something bad happens to me or anyone around me, I remember that one, and sometimes while googleing I like to look for curious things... Murphy's Law has become the lucky one for today.

Here is the Official website , where you can find lots of Murphy's based laws (on computing, love, health...). The most important thing for me has been reading the supposed true story of Murphy and his famous law.

I'd love to add a big poster of Murphy's Law into my personal wishlist on ThinkGeek, but unfortunatelly there's no one available. Maybe you can buy it for me directly to the website ;-)

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.:: Happy new year

(02-01-2004 @ 17:20:31)

Anita and me went to Ordino (Andorra) to have a nice time for the last days of 2003. We wanted to ski, but the weather was not good and we had to stay at the hotel and at the station cafe the whole three days. We couldn't ski, but the place was really nice with plenty of snow, like a christmas postcard. You can see the pics at the photos section.

From here I wish all of you to have a nice and happy new year.

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