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.:: FreeBSD running on a file server!

(24-03-2004 @ 20:45:41)

Yes! I Installed FreeBSD 5.2.1 after my old Hard Disk broke, and now it's running a file server with Samba. It' also doing the tasks for a Primary Domain Controller for the Windows network segment (dad and brother). I really must say that Mcrosoft Windows is a very poor, old, deprecated and error-plenty product. My brother had to reboot his box 5 or ore times while entering it into the PDC domain and leaving it (testing, basically). When will anybody teach Mr. Gates the SIGHUP?

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.:: Dead Hard Disk

(22-03-2004 @ 19:14:31)

The 40 Gb Hard Disk of the IvanHQ fileserver is definitelly broken. After the server didn't give any answer to my latest ssh queries, i switched on the screen. I saw lots of "IDE0 query reset" messages, and the keyboard was not responding, so I decided to reboot the server. After that the Hard Disk started to make strange sounds, and the bios didn't recognise it. I don't know why or how, but it finally broke.

This morning I bought a new HD (80 Gb), where I'll build the new fileserver, and maybe a Primary Domain Controller for the M$ stations (my brother and dad) that are running by now on NetBIOS protocol over a Workgroup. The new server will run FreeBSD 5.2.1 (it's being installed righnow).

This afternoon I'm going to print the FreeBSD handbook.

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